Caring for someone who has been neglected

The sky is clear after the rain and the volunteers continued with their action. During the distribution of bread period, a volunteer discovered a granny sitting near the roadside and gave her the bread on hand. It was unexpected she was so touched that she burst into tears and immediately kept saying thank you. Through collecting and sharing food did we come across the neglected in the community and spread warmth and care to their hearts.  

Unpredictable weather can't change our attitude

Accidents will happen. It was unexpected that after a once-in-a-century heavy rainstorm, food collecting and sharing action had to be reluctantly called off in many districts. However, volunteers are still looking forward to the days when we can do everything we can to reduce food waste and deliver food to those in need.  

Volunteer recruitment for bread sharing in Tseung Kwan O Area
Volunteering opportunity in Tseung Kwan O area!
Food Commons Foundation sincerely invites the hearty you to be a volunteer in Tseung Kwan O’s Saturday night bread sharing.
Seasonal Crops of September


Keep going after the storm has passed


Wet market recycling experience for members of Kwai Chung neighbourhood

Last Monday (28 August) morning, a group of members in the Kwai Chung neighbourhood from Login Club of ELCHK participated in recycling experience trip jointly hosted by Food Commons Foundation and the district partner Women Service Association Food Commons @ NT West (Tsuen Wan, Kwai Fong and Tsing Yi). Some parents brought their children with them. They hoped that the little ones could understand that food was not easy to come by and should cherish it; Some members in the neighbourhood were also very curious about the food collection process and interested to join. 

An unexpected present

“Hello! Did you eat? We have bread and sandwiches. Do you need them?” When volunteers were distributing food, they would discover new faces. He was a South-Asian that we had never seen before and he looked pale.   

“Thank you! Thank you very much! Thank you, pretty boys and pretty girls!”. After receiving food, he was surprised and grateful and kept saying thank you. It was like he got a big present.  

Although we did not understand about his situation, one serving of collected food comforting him for the moment was much more worthwhile than sending it to the landfills. 

Post-pandemic economic downturn Waste reduction and sharing Save food and help others

Food Commons Foundation and the district partners collect and share surplus food in different areas every day. In the past year from August 2022 to July 2023, a total of 459,483.80 kgs of food were collected and 456,245.396 kgs were distributed reaching 99.30%; the total number of beneficiaries was 485,077.  From June 2009 to July 2023, a total of 10,607,379.66 kgs of food were collected and the total distribution volume was 10,084,655.63 kgs accounting for 95.07%; the total number of beneficiaries was 9,155,152. 

Rescuing Food, Helping People, Reducing Waste
Do you cherish food?
Food portion: Every meal only prepare adequate food;
Shopping list: Only buy what is needed. Do not repeatedly purchase due to big discounts resulting in waste;
Food preservation: store food that will easily rot in the fridge. e.g. bread and fruits;
Food donation: donate surplus food to food collection organizations.
Save food and help people together

In the last two weeks, there have been many new faces in our volunteer team. No matter whether they are new or old, all of us have a giving and kind heart. It is really inspiring to work together for the purpose of saving food and helping others!

Our Work

Promote the concept of saving food and helping people, develop a community surplus food sharing network.

Educate the public to reduce waste, cherish food, promote the concept of sharing leftover food in the community.

In response to social conditions, propose food wise and waste reduction policy initiatives.

Our Mission
Supporting Communities

To reduce food waste by supporting communities to establish their own food recycling and re-distribution networks


To initiate the different district of Hong Kong to develop a multi-disciplinary mechanism, dealing with the problem of leftover food based on individual expertise and responsibilities

Green Jobs

Strengthen the community's role to create green jobs

Food Sharing

Share quality surplus food with those in need

Total Amount Of Food Recovered
Cherish food and reduce waste

Without your support, our food recycling and sharing work cannot continue. Your support allows us to achieve the goals of avoiding food-wastage, protecting the environment, helping people in need, creating green employment as well as strengthening the network of the communities.